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                TECHNICAL AREA

                LOCATION:HOME > TECHNICAL AREA > Quality Management

                Quality management is the survival of the enterprise, Lee Shunda power has always been the quality of the production of primary goal.

                Li Shunda suppliers strictly controlled channels, from screening supplier to enter the warehouse, in the middle to go through 11 procedures strictly controlled to ensure that every one production line of raw accurate.

                Between each of the products into production, R & D team will benefit Shunda day and night to test optimization analysis of products, from basic electrical testing testing, high temperature testing, lightning testing, power factor to the late EMC testing, thereby ensure that each product to maintain the most efficient state.






                In the production process, Li Shunda who is strict in every production process, from the initial patch SMT, wave soldering plug assembly to the final aging test, each one dedicated to a good employee for each mark, strict guarantee not sent a defective production line.




                Li Shunda quality management team consists of eight members, executives from QA to IPQC inspection staff, each and every one has decades of experience of older employees, who holds the principle of quality first, never let a defective outflow through the production line. For any customer feedback, team members must be issued within 24 hours of professional 8D report and this problem is solved.

                Our intentions, just to ease your!





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